Boston, Massachusetts

Over labor day weekend, I was (finally) able to visit my brother in Boston - along with my entire family! We had a long weekend full of sunshine and perfect seventy degree days, despite the tropical storm warning and two delayed flights. And what a beautiful city Boston is! I expected an overwhelming New York feel - yet Boston has such a wonderful balance of greenspace, neighborhoods, and your typical 'city' feel. It's much smaller than NY, which makes it walkable, and much more understandable to my lacking sense of direction. If I were to live in a city, Boston would be a good one!

^ (Right) Our tour guide. We began with a tour along the Freedom Trail, and quickly learned that Boston has history around every corner.

^ Fenway itself from the Green Giant! We took a tour of the park and got to see all the VIP spots - including the press boxes.

^ (left) My brother and his girlfriend Emily outside of their apartment.

^ Chocolate making demonstration (and sipping chocolate samples - mmmm!) 

^ We even stopped by to see the seals at the zoo (who were extremely friendly)

^ (Left) We went on a tour of the harbor and it was so beautiful! (Right) The crew on Justin and Emily's front porch

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