Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, you were so good to me!

Ever since returning from abroad, I've been craving road trips. I definitely caught the travel bug while I was over there, and am so thankful to have spontaneous friends back in Raleigh willing to adventure with me (even if it means 10 hour car rides). Zach and I took the trek to meet up in Nashville with some of our best friends from Ohio and spent a weekend exploring the city with them. I can't tell you how much fun it was! We were able to stay with locals who told us how to avoid the traps of the honky-tonk touristy areas (which was basically a street of trashy, insane party bars) and instead showed us around to their favorite places. We went to the same restaurants as Ed Sheeran, stayed in the same neighborhood as Kip Moore, and even ran into and chatted with Judah from Judah and Lion!

The thing I couldn't stop noticing about Nashville: everyone is beautiful. I mean, no joke - every single human being I ran into in Nashville looked like they could be a movie star (and a lot of them probably were.) It's full of young, hip, creatives and the streets practically bleed inspiration and energy. What a fun place to visit, yet a competitive place to live!

^ To make the drive to Nashville a little more exciting, Zach and I stopped at many thrift stores along the way (where he scored this sweet button down tee)

^ The Arrington Vineyards, where we spent a beautiful afternoon wine tasting

^ Who would have thought that Nashville of all places would be home to a full-sized replica of the Parthenon?

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