Kutna Hora | Czech Republic

When you realize train tickets to Kutna Hora are only $3 round-trip, you naturally impulse-book the trip. And then you definitely don't regret it. The only thing I knew about Kutna Hora before I left was that it was home of a church full of bones. I have no idea what else I expected of the city, but it definitely wasn't the charm and beauty we encountered along the trip!

Immediately upon arrival, we ventured to the bone church, which is built from the bones of over 40,000 skeletons. It creeped me out big time initially, but the artistry involved in the making of this place made me appreciate it after getting over my heebie-jeebies. The church was built not as a celebration of death, but as a reminder of equality before the throne of God - how neat is that!

Despite the rainy weather, we took a trek to the other side of the town to visit Saint Barbara's Cathedral. I was not disappointed in the least bit!

An all together great day trip spent in a cute little town with some incredible friends. Lots of laughs, lots of memories. One of the last places I'd been wanting to check off my "to-see" list before heading back to the US. What a perfect way to say goodbye to my traveling adventures abroad!

Kasey SmithComment