Munich + Berchtesgaden | Germany

This week was - if not the single best - one of the best weeks of my life. Over this spring break, my wonderful boyfriend Zach traveled 22 hours to visit me! We decided to adventure not only throughout Prague, but also Munich and Berchtesgaden in Germany. If you missed our adventures throughout Prague, hop back to my last blog post.

Munich was so good to us! Immediately after arriving and eating one of the heaviest (and most delicious) meals of my life at Hofbräuhaus Munchen, I knew it would be a good few days. The city is a mish-mash of all types of architectural styles, but in a way that was much more charming to me than Berlin. I still can't place my finger on exactly why - and I was most likely very biased because Zach loves Germany - but it just felt more relaxed. The city was one of the only ones I've visited that really made me feel as if I could have lived there. The people were friendly, you could walk everywhere by foot, the food was incredible, shopping was great, the tourists were few, and (this was the thing that made me feel most at home) the grocery stores were incredible. We're talking everything-fresh, flowers-lining-every-aisle kind of grocery stores. When can I move to you, Munich?

^ Another one of my favorite things about Munich - awesome outdoor markets and beer gardens!

^ Still uncertain what this was (the menu was in all German) - but if I knew, I'd eat it once a day!

^ Architectural style that reminded me of Berlin - super traditional connected to ultra modern. How does it work? Still not sure, but I'm a fan.

^ My favorite part about Munich (and undoubtedly Zach's as well) was the Ice Bach river wave! We woke up one SNOWY morning (it was 30 degrees fahrenheit), and Z decided it was a good day to go surfing. He's crazy! Seeing him surf this natural wave  (it's made surfable due to a rock under the water causing a bump in the river) was so, so much fun. Despite his - literally - blue fingers and nose, it came naturally to him. I was impressed, and pumped that he was able to check a big one off his bucket list! Put him in a landlocked city and he'll still always find a place to surf. Typical.

(I'm too much of a wimp to jump in a river while it's snowing - but hey, no shame. I think most of us would make the same decision.)

^ After a few days in Munich, we hopped on a train and experienced the most beautiful three hour train ride of our lives. We took a winding ride through the beautiful mountains, which were freshly dusted in snow. Magic!

^ Water so clear I was tempted to drink out of it!

The minute I stepped out of the train station in Berchtesgaden, my heart dropped and my eyes started glistening. There are no words to explain the beauty and peace of this incredible place. I felt God's presence in every corner, every landscape, every single detail.

I have loved experiencing so many beautiful cities throughout my time abroad, but I have learned one thing about myself: I love nature. If I live in a city, I need a place to hike, to unwind, to escape the constant hum of cars, trams and metros. Manmade architecture has nothing on God's creation - just look at this place!

^ We could have spent a month here and still not have been able to hike all the incredible trails.

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