Visitors in Prague!

I love, love, loved exploring this city with two of my favorite guys! My brother Justin and boyfriend Zach visited me for a bit in Prague, and we had a blast getting to know the ins and outs of this beautiful place. It surprised me how little I'd explored my own city - I was shying away from the "touristy" parts of town for far too long. I'm not only thankful for being able to see Justin and Zach, but also for a refreshed excitement about Prague brought on by their new perspectives.

We visited all throughout town, but documented here are two main places: the Vyšehrad castle, and the Prague castle district!

^ Views from the area surrounding the Vyšehrad castle

^ Justin enjoying views near Vyšherad

^ St. Vitus Cathedral, part of the Prague Castle

^ I loved seeing the Vyšehrad castle, but loved the area surrounding it even more! It was beautiful - full of greenery and lots of adorable little buildings.

^ The Vyšehrad cemetery

^ We went to lunch at my new favorite gourmet burger spot - Dish!

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