Sázava Bead Making, Praha Zoo | Czech Republic

This weekend has been a fun one! For my kiln glass studio class, we took an excursion to Sázava and learned how to make glass beads. It was a therapeutic, fun, and rewarding process - I was thankful to have spent the day there understanding the process and experimenting. The glass center where we had the workshop, Cesty Skla, also had a beautiful gallery of glass artworks that was inspiring, delicate and stunning!

^ Glass rods we melted and used to create beads

^ They look like lollipops before they're dry enough to separate!

We also took a trip to the Zoo in Prague. Who doesn't love a good zoo? We walked 14,000 steps this Saturday wandering around looking at the hundreds of animals. One of the funniest things to me was that there was a goose exhibit. When I initially saw it, I assumed the geese had accidentally flown into the exhibit and taken over (I'm so used to seeing them in the US)! It wasn't until I saw the exhibit description that I realised the "foreign geese from America" really are something a Czech may have never seen before.

^ My friend Anna posing alongside a strange statue


^ View from the top of the zoo

^ The peacocks roamed free (and squawked very loudly)!

On our ride back from the zoo, we didn't have any plans and decided to hop off the tram and wander around a bit. We saw masses of people following a trail of lanterns (so naturally we followed them), and look where it led us!

It was the Chinese New Year and I had absolutely no idea! What a fun surprise, getting to see performances from acrobats, dancers, musicians, and eating some good Chinese food.

^ Sweet friends Anna, Lisa, and Megan. We had a fun time!

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