Letná Park, Charles Bridge | Prague, Czech Republic

Thank goodness for sunshine and 50 degree weather that allowed us to have the most wonderful day! It has been an average of about 20 degrees since we arrived in the Czech Republic, with several days dropping as low as 2 degrees. It was nice to thaw out and switch to a lighter coat for a few days! A few friends and I set out to explore our new home on our first free Friday of the semester. Our hostel is a block from Letná park, which gives us quick foot access to some of the most beautiful views in the city! We began in the park, a huge lush green hangout spot complete with a beer garden in the middle. On the edge of the park, there is a hill drop off to a stunning overlook of the city. It is my go-to place to explore because it puts the loud, bustling city into a new perspective, transforming everything to seem so tranquil and quiet.

^ Me hanging out at my favorite overlook in Letná

^ My friend and roommate, Megan!

Views from Letná

My sweet friend, Amanda! ^

Public transportation is confusing! I have been working hard over the past few weeks to try and orient myself around the city (but I have little to no sense of direction) - so it's proving to be difficult! Nevertheless, I'm enjoying intentionally getting lost to force myself to find my way home. Thank goodness for map apps and friends willing to support me in my constant confusion. The language barrier here is a little harder than I expected - I keep finding myself missing fluent English speakers, but am thankful to be enrolled in Czech Language and Culture class, which will undoubtedly help.

After we wandered through Letná, we walked down the hill and across the river to explore more. With feet aching from cobblestones but smiles on our faces, we wandered around (I don't even know where we were) and stumbled upon so many beautiful places! Right before sunset, we decided to walk across the Charles Bridge which was built over the Vltava river beginning in the 1300s. It was lined with incredible historical and religious statues, and is silhouetted by unbeatable views of the Prague Castle.

^ Charles Bridge with Prague Castle in background

One of the most wonderful things about Prague is the enormous amount of street performers. Almost everywhere you go, there are musicians on the street, creating a surreal (movie-like) feeling as you wander down the roads lined with intricately decorated architecture.

This guy was awesome - he even played a recorder out of his nose! (Ok - that part was a little weird)

The views here are incredible, but SO IS THE FOOD !! Goodness, do I enjoy some good ol' Czech cuisine, riddled with nothing but carbohydrates, salt, and butter. That's some good eatin'. (Don't worry mom - I've also eaten a few salads here and there)

^ Little pastries... I don't know what they were but they were stinkin' delicious

^ Megan eating Tredlník. These things are everywhere throughout the city. They're delicious, warm, cinnamon, bread-y, comfort food. I've eaten too many to admit.

What a fun day it was! Falling in love with this city more and more every day.

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