Český Krumlov, Plzeň, Tábor | Czech Republic

Český Krumlov - fairytale city! This place was incredible in so many ways. Not only were the views breathtaking, but it also has a rich history and some of the best food I've ever eaten. The town itself is quite small; confined within the surrounding Vltava river, it can't be more than ten miles wide. After spending a few days exploring its' breathtaking scenery and activities such as traveling to the Lipno treetop walkway, touring a chocolate factory and bobsledding, my favorite was this incredible view from the Český Krumlov castle!

Me and my friend Megan enjoying views atop the Český Krumlov castle.

Me and my friend Megan enjoying views atop the Český Krumlov castle.

We also explored the Karlštejn castle (which was originally built in 1348.... 13. 48. !!!) - King Charles IV's home. The intricate architectural details here caught me by surprise; there is no doubt I'd notice a hundred new things if I returned! 

Our walk up the mountain prior to our tour made my legs sore, but sure did warm us up in the 10 degree weather! We learned so much as the day went on, and I loved getting to talk to our tour guide! I loved that the Karlštejn castle was initially built for Charles, but was expanded to guard imperial crown jewels and holy relics, such as the photo on the right. They were beautiful!

The fun didn't end there! We took a trip to the Pilsner brewery in Pilsen to learn more about the lager that Czechs are so proud of.

Na zdraví!

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