The Importance of a Wedding Album | Do You Really Need Printed Photographs?


Today I wanted to chat a little about the importance of a wedding album.

Now, before you click off the page, thinking this is just a sales pitch… let me tell you this:

I get it.

It’s a big expense, another thing to worry about, another object that needs space and care.

But it’s also, in my opinion, hands down the best way to relive and share your wedding day and love story. Whether you order a wedding album through me or another service, I believe it’s the best way to foster conversation about the day your lives became one and your ‘forever’ officially began!


We live in a very digital world. Tangible products engage more than one of our senses, and their permanency makes them feel more precious and therefore treasured. They’re timeless.

Print products have this way of making things feel more real and important; more beautiful and precious.

Your Instagram posts will not be seen after a week, and your Facebook profile photo will feel outdated after a year.

A wedding album is something that can live long after you are gone.

Can’t you imagine your future daughter flipping through the pages of your album, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how beautiful you looked, how similar your eyes are? Now imagine her scrolling through your Facebook page. Not exactly the same effect, huh?

For this reason, we offer timeless heirloom wedding albums with luxurious, thick, layflat pages that will retell your love story for many generations. You are able to choose from many swatches of soft leather or classic linen with a custom debossed title on the cover. Images are laid out in a simple, clean layout and printed on thick matte pages.

To see a video of this sample album, follow @kaseysmithcreative on Instagram and view the “Album” highlights.

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