Samantha + Austin // Downtown Raleigh, NC Fine Art Film Engagement Session


Sam + Austin… likely the most similar-to-us clients we’ve ever photographed! Austin is an incredible photographer (he even shoots film) and great general contractor. Sam is a selfless, talented travel nurse. Together, they even own a van they’ve been planning to convert eventually (what are the odds?!) We even found out they’d be attending the same concert as us just a few days after this session…

And I think it goes without saying - this evening was so fun! There is something about photographing for another photographer that fires me up and gives me inspiration to be creative all over again. Together, these two are down-to-earth and make anyone around them feel accepted and loved. We can’t wait one more second for their autumn wedding!

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina // Film Processing: Indie Film Lab // Camera: Contax 645 // Film: Fuji 400h