What to Wear For Your Engagement Portraits


As a style lover myself, I understand how difficult it can be to choose just one or two outfits for your engagement session. I came up with a list of tips + some great outfit inspiration for you (in hopes they make your decision a little easier).


I . Be Yourself

Before anything else, make sure your engagement session outfits are true to who you really are. Above all else, make sure you’re comfortable and feel like you!

Many of my clients specifically like to choose one dressier outfit and one more casual outfit. Remember, these engagement portraits exist to capture this season in your life, so make sure what you’re wearing accurately depicts you!


II . Ditch the Matchy-Matchy and Stick With Color Families

Remember when your family used to wear all white for your family beach portraits? Yeah, let’s avoid that for your engagement portraits. Ditch the matchy-matchy and instead focus on color families and contrast.

Your outfits should complement each other, not match.

Is one of you wearing plaid? The other should be wearing a solid or less busy print.
Is your fiancé wearing light blue? Choose to wear either a cool neutral (like white, ivory, soft grey, navy, or black) or cool print.

Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure there is enough contrast between you and your fiancé’s choices. Don’t match! If you’re ever uncertain about what you’ve chosen, ask your photographer before your session! Chances are, they’ll be more than happy to talk you through it.


III . Assess Your Photographer’s Style

Study your photographer’s images.

Do you love how light and airy their images are? Maybe you should wear a lighter, brighter, neutral.
Do you love how romantic and moody their images are? Wearing darker colors like navy or black are great.
Are your favorite photographs ultra colorful? Wear a bold red lip or bright pink dress. (Just always avoid neons)

The ideal KSC engagement session outfits reflect our brand.
+ Light, soft neutrals
+ Gowns with movement or layered pieces
+ Simple (solids are a safe bet)
+ Well-tailored (to flatter your figure)
+ Comfortable (sometimes we climb mountains or walk in the ocean)


IV . Things to Avoid

You really can’t go wrong a majority of the time when it comes to engagement portrait outfits. However, there are a few things everyone should avoid, no matter what!

Always Avoid
+ Sparkly eyeshadow or makeup (shimmer is fine, but large sparkles often catch the light awkwardly)
+ Neon/bright colors (unless your photographer is as quirky as you!)
+ Ultra busy prints (they are often distracting and can cause chromatic aberration)

V . Choose Classic Over Trendy

These photos will likely be looked at generations down the road! Make sure you choose clothing that you will not regret once they fall out of style.

VI . Think Big Picture

If you are planning to use these images for your save the date, decor on the wedding day, guest book, etc. make sure you think big picture! Think through your color scheme and whether the vibe of your engagement portraits will work with the rest of your decor.


That’s all I’ve got for now! Honestly, as long as you choose something genuine to you, comfortable + makes you feel confident, the photos will turn out beautifully.