My Simplified Beauty Routine | Van Life


To be totally transparent, I was really scared that van life would turn me into a dirty hippie with no style or femininity! Luckily, that hasn’t happened quite yet, although my daily beauty routine looks a bit different now than it used to.



I wash my face with Neutrogena face cleanser every morning and evening, no matter what! After cleansing, I use a few spritz of Everything Spray as a toner. This spray has radically changed my skin and I can’t say enough good things about it! It not only tones my skin beautifully, but it put an end to my 11 year struggle with acne. In a year of using it, it has noticeably improved my acne scars, and has dramatically reduced the number of pimples that pop up. I also spray it everywhere after I’ve shaved to reduce ingrown hairs. To be honest, I’m addicted! I don’t know what I’d do if the spray ever went out of stock or off market. In the off chance that a pesky pimple makes its way past the spray’s magic, I’ll put a few dabs of Spot Treatment on it - and it’s gone in no time!

Every other day, I do a deep cleanse with PP’s Cleansing Oil. Then, beauty cream goes all over my face, neck and chest. If I have a minute for extra self care or I recently shaved, I’ll rub my whole body down with body butter!

My favorite skincare products:

+ Everything Spray - Primally Pure - 15% off with code KSC15
+ Face Cleanser - Neutrogena
+ Beauty Cream - Primally Pure - 15% off with code KSC15
+ Body Butter - Primally Pure - 15% off with code KSC15
+ Blemish Be Gone - Valley Botanicals
+ Cleansing Oil - Primally Pure - 15% off with code KSC15



Living in a van means my hair is usually pretty far down on the self-care list. Just washing it is a luxury!

I try to wash my hair once every three days. I always blow dry my hair — it keeps it fresh so much longer! If we have a photoshoot or I have a little extra time, I’ll either add a few beachy waves or straighten my hair.

Most days, though, it’s a few spritz of dry shampoo right before I go to sleep, and I’m good to go for the next day!

My favorite hair products:

+ Shampoo - The Good Stuff
+ Conditioner - Love Beauty and Planet
+ Dry Shampoo - Kristin Ess
+ Beach Wave Spray - Kristin Ess
+ Heat Protectant - HSI Professional
+ Blow Dry Spray - Kristin Ess



LOL - what even is makeup?! One year ago, I wore a full face of makeup every single day. Now that Everything Spray has magically saved my skin, I rarely wear any at all!

I’m still trying to find a natural line of makeup that works well for me in all scenarios (send suggestions), but below are some of my tried and true favorites.

My favorite makeup products:

+ Brow Gel - Glossier
+ Lip Tint - Glossier
+ Primer - Fenty Beauty
+ Eyeshadow - Naked


Aaaand, that’s it! Simple as pie!