Wedding Budget Breakdown


It’s a question every bride runs into early on in the planning process, and one you can’t ignore:

How do I create a wedding budget and how much should I expect to spend on each category?

I’ll start off by saying this: everyone is different. You should absolutely adjust these numbers to accommodate your priorities and preferences. If you’re having a budget wedding yet want beautiful photographs, maybe you spend 50% of your entire budget on photography - go for it! Just make sure you think through the rest of these categories beforehand and make a plan. Otherwise, money will disappear before you know it!


Here is an ideal breakdown by percentage:

Venue: 15%
Planner: 15%
Photo + Video: 16%
Food: 10%
Cake: 2%
Rentals + Decor: 8%
Transportation: 2%
Attire + Beauty: 8%
Florals: 8%
Music: 6%
Invitations + Stationery: 3%
Favors: 2%
Extra / Emergency Fund: 5%


Now let’s get into some real talk.

Most people are completely uneducated about the cost of specific wedding vendors and details until you’re trying to hire them! Here is a breakdown of the average cost of each vendor.

Venue: $FREE - $20,000+
Planner: $1,500 - $15,000+
Photography: $3,000 - $15,000+
Videography: $1,500 - $15,000+
Food: $70 - $200+ per head
Cake: $250 - $1,000+
Rentals + Decor: $FREE - $50,000+
Transportation: $FREE - $500+
Wedding Gown: $1,800 - $10,000+
Hair + Makeup: $200 - $500+
Florals: $500 - $10,000+
Music: $200 - $5,000+
Invitations + Stationery: $300 - $4,000+
Favors: $100 - $500+

There is obviously a ton of wiggle room with all these prices. At the end of the day, the way you break down your budget needs to be specific to you. Make sure you sit down right when you start planning and discuss this openly with your future bride/groom!

Choose your priorities and work from there. I suggest making a quick Google Sheet that will do the math automatically for you! If you need help figuring out how to do this, try watching this tutorial.

Happy planning!