Tour Our New Home! | Mercedes Sprinter Van 170" Conversion


We Moved Into a Van!

No, we aren’t kidding!

96 square feet of complete luxury!


But… why did we do it?

We appreciate a minimalist lifestyle and now we are truly living it. Plus, travel? Whenever we want? OK!

In the off-season, Zach and I realized we have almost 5 months of no weddings — aka, TRAVEL TIME!

Yet, budgets don’t always match dreams… until you realize you can take your home with you + will never, ever have to pay for accommodations again!

So — in comes our van, Velzy. It’s really truly as comfortable as a NY apartment, yet gives us the luxury and freedom of unlimited travel.

And now we can come to you for your wedding, no matter where you are!


The truth: we’ve absolutely fallen in love with van life! We have no plans of stopping any time soon. We have never felt such freedom and inspiration as creatives. It’s been three months — catch up on all the details on our YouTube channel and Instagram.

Take a tour below!

Van Build @rossmonster_vans

Van Design

Window Covers: (Strawfoot -
Cabinet Pulls: (
Safe: (
Refrigerator: (
Fan: (
Mattress: (
Ladder: (
Roof Rack: ( )
Stick on Subway Tile Backsplash: (
Pillows: West Elm ( and Ivory Gull (