Do You Really Need an Engagement Session? | A Film Wedding Photographer's Perspective

You keep seeing people post cute engagement photos online and you’d like to have yours taken, but your calendar’s looking pretty full — so do you really need an engagement session?

The short answer: No, you don’t need an engagement session, but you should want one.


I include an engagement session in all of my wedding photography packages for a few reasons:


It’s important to get to know your photographer.

So, you hired a stranger to capture you on one of the most intimate and personal days of your life — don’t you want to get to know them? Your photographer is by your side on your wedding day more than anyone else — oftentimes, even your groom! It’s important to establish a relationship with your photographer so that you know what to expect and are comfortable around them.

From my perspective, engagement sessions are so helpful for getting to know the way you interact, your love story, and why your wedding day will be special. It helps me capture the most genuine side of you and your relationship on your wedding day, and gives me an idea of what poses will come most naturally to you (and how I can best flatter your features in portraits.)


It allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Most clients come into their engagement session slightly nervous about what it’s going to be like, how they are going to pose, etc. At the end of the session, almost every client says something like, “wow, that was easier than I expected!” or “I’m surprised that was so fun!” It is so important to get those nervous tendencies out of the way ahead of time, so on your wedding day, you know what to expect — and you won’t have a worry in the world about the way you look in front of the camera.



You will never regret having too many photos, but you’ll regret not having enough.

Take care of future you: don’t let yourself regret not having these images! In a world cluttered with selfies and millions of digital files, it is so special to have professional images taken documenting this season in your life. How often do you have the chance to dress up and spend an hour cuddling and dancing with your sweetie under the sunset (with every moment captured)? Seriously, you won’t regret having them taken - but you’ll always regret not having enough photos.


You can use the images for other wedding details.

Your wedding website, save the dates, guest book, decor on your wedding day — the list goes on and on. Engagement photos are such a sweet way to personalize the details of your wedding and get your guests amped to spend a day celebrating your love!



They’re just fun!

Seriously, engagement sessions are simply fun! I make sure to give enough direction that you never have those awkward “where do I put my hands?” moments, and have many of those “wow, I can’t wait to get married” moments!

You’ll end your engagement session with a huge smile on your face, barely able to wait to do it all over again on your wedding day.

So — no, you don’t need an engagement session, but you should definitely want one.