Culinary Film Brand Photography Session for a Stylist at the White Barn in Wilmington, NC


If you didn’t hear the news, I’ve started offering brand photography sessions for small creative businesses in North Carolina and beyond! (To read more about this, click here.) It goes without saying that we live in a visual world, and Taylor knows good imagery would elevate her styling business quicker than anything else.

Taylor Hackett Johnson, a stylist out of Wilmington, NC (soon to be San Diego, California), was in dire need of professional, cohesive imagery to post on social media platforms and her website. Her eye for styling is heavily inspired by her background in culinary, so it didn’t take much thought to know that sharing her love for food would be a powerful way to present herself and her brand. We spent the afternoon in The White Barn in Wilmington, preparing beautiful food, styling flat lays, and of course - updating some much-needed headshots. It was too much fun, and aren’t the images just lovely? The perfect blend of peaceful, simple, clean, and approachable. Can we do it again?!

You can find Taylor Hackett Johnson on Instagram here, her wedding blog Whimsically Wed here, and her wedding workshop company Adorn Collective Workshops here.

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