Carly | Westfield Bridals

Carly is so laid-back and kind. We had an enormous amount of fun golf-karting around the beautiful Moore's Springs Manor to capture a unique variety of photographs! Not only was the venue stunning (and I mean stunning - North Carolina mountains, farmhouse, wildflowers, and a beautiful manor kind of stunning), but it also held dear memories to Carly and her (at the time) soon-to-be-husband Matt. The mountain perfectly nestled between the manor and the sunset had an exposed rock face - one that they had rock climbed!

We learned that her bouquet was so beautiful, even the beetles wanted to smell them!
Carly was so patient about it - still all smiles.

Carly grew up dancing and incorporated her passion in a unique and stylish way.

It was a blessing to work with such a sweet and elegant bride.
An all together great day spent with Carly - it made me all the more excited to shoot her wedding!

Thank you Cindy, Kerri Leigh Events, Moore's Springs Manor and Zach Smith Photography for everything you did to make this day possible. You were all so helpful and such a joy to work with!

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